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Foreign students’language courses have three levels: Chinese primary class, intermediate class and advanced class, and covering Chinese Basis, Chinese Audio-visual, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Culture and Traditional Cultural Experience. There are also rich and colorful inside and outside class activities.   

Language Class

Training goal


Elementary class

Master the correct Chinese pronunciation. Use daily Chinese for shopping, transportation and ordering in restaurant. Use primary grammar in daily life. Able to read and write a short passage. Receptive vocabulary 0-2000, productive vocabulary 0-1000.   

Primary Chinese, elementary listening and speaking, pronunciation, elementary reading, hot topic, film appreciation.   

Middle class

Talk about diet, disease, official business and lyrics .Deepen the study of basic syntax structure and article. Learning to appreciate poetry and prose. Receptive vocabulary 2000-4000, productive vocabulary 1000-2000.   

Intermediate Chinese, listening and speaking, intermediatereading, intermediate writing,translation, general situation of China, classical poetry appreciation, Chinese Kungfu.   

Senior class

Learning complex sentence structure. Read magazines and news. Master of business Chinese. Able to use Chinese in various occasions. Receptive vocabulary more than 4000, productive vocabulary more than 2000.   

Senior writing, business Chinese, newspaper reading,literature, history, tourism geography, appreciation of Chinese painting and calligraphy.