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The Graduation Ceremony of International Students in 2021

On the morning of July 8, the graduation ceremony of the 2021 international students of the school was held in the conference room of Building 11 of the Kuiwen Campus. Li Ruichang, vice President of the School, the relevant heads of the School of International Education and the School of International Business, teachers, class teachers and all international students in the school attended the ceremony.   

The graduation ceremony started with the viewing of "Study in Weifang Vocational College" memory video. In his speech, Li Ruichang expressed his heart felt congratulations to the international students who successfully completed their studies. Recognized their good achievements in academics, various activities and competitions;hoped that international students will always maintain their enthusiasm for Chinese, promote exchanges between China and other countries around the world with their own practical actions, and build a bridge between Chinese and foreign civilizations.   

On behalf of all international students, Aya from Kazakhstan expressed since regratitude to all leaders and teachers, shared the achieving and growth of Weifang Vocational College for two years, and expressed gratitude to her school.   

An Min, a teacher representing international trade,and Qin Jiahui, a teacher of Chinese international education, reviewed the hardships and happiness in the teaching of international students, as well as the beautiful moments in the classroom and life, and also expressed the ardent expectations and sincere wishes of teachers to all international students.   

Outstanding international students were honored at the meeting, Li Ruichang awarded the completion certificate and graduation certificate to the international students.   

The quality of international students training in the college has been continuously improved, and all the graduates of the current year have passed the HSK exam with excellent results,and most of them have been admitted to famous undergraduate institutions.   

Amin from Tajikistan was admitted to Zhongnan University, Shanghai Electric Power University, Zhejiang University of Industry and Commerce, and Yunnan University at the same time, and was awarded a full scholarship; Three students, Bakhtiyor and Islom from Uzbekistan and Jamil from Bangladesh, were accepted to Shanghai Electric Power University and received scholarships; Aya from Kazakhstan was admitted to Zhejiang Normal University and received a scholarship; Madouya, from Guinea, was accepted to Nanjing University of Information Engineering with a full scholarship; Edward from Sierra Leone was accepted to Tianjin University of Sports and received a scholarship; Abrorjon and Dilshodbek from Uzbekistan were accepted to NorthChina University of Electric Power; Assomuddin, from Tajikistan, was accepted to China University of Petroleum.(Contributed by QinJiahui)   








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