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International Education School held Dragon Boat Festival Activity

On June 9th, the International Education School invited Weifang Experimental Primary School to Dragon Boat Festival theme activity. International students of our college from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Russia participated in this activity together with 16 students from Weifang Experimental Primary School.   

The activity consisted of traditional interesting competitive events. Chinese and foreign students took an active part in the activity. The process was wonderful. In the Dragon Boat Festival knowledge competition, the Chinese and foreign students worked together for the question-and-answer competition. Students from Uzbekistan and Russia sang the well-known Russian song Katyusha.The foreign students accepted the interview of Weifang Evening News, Kuiwen Graph and other media. They said:this is their second Dragon Boat Festival in China. By participating in the Dragon Boat Festival activity with Chinese children, they gained a deeper understanding of the cultural knowledge of the Dragon Boat Festival, and expressed their thanks for this activity   

This activity enables the international students to further understand the traditional culture knowledge of the Dragon Boat Festival, also promotes the interaction and communication between international students and Chinese students.(Contributed by Jin Yuejiao)   




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